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Ecotech Radion RMS 50.5″ Rail


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Quick Overview

The Ecotech Radion RMS 50.5″ Rail is designed to be used in conjunction with the RMS accessories to create the ideal Hanging Rail system. The Ecotech Radion RMS 50.5″ Rail is designed to either be mounted via Tank Mounts on Rimless Aquariums, or from the ceiling via the Radion RMS Hanging Wire Kit.


Product Description

RMS is Better for Tank Mounting
* Standard and Rimless Tank Compatible. Fits the vast majority of commercially available standard and rimless tanks.

* Attractive and Minimalistic 
A low profile, sleek design keeps your attention on your tank not on your tank mount.
* Super Easy Setup 
No drilling, no cutting and no holes in your wall or stand – have your light mounted in minutes.

* Heavy Duty 
Sturdy metal and plastic construction will last the life of your tank.
* Integrated Cord Management 
Keep power cords secured out of sight on the mount
* Multiple Components for a Clean Look 
One size fits all only goes so far, different rail lengths are included to best fit your tank.
* Adjusts for Fine Tuning 
Need to move your Radion forward or backward a little – no problem.
* Mount Lights Parallel or Perpendicular 
Rotating X-brackets lets you orient your lights laterally or longitudinally.


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