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At AAC, the team and I are often asked the best way to feed your corals/tube worms/clams etc., how to feed them and when is the best time to do so. With corals, there’s no clear cut answer, or ‘one rule for all’. The word ‘corals’ is so general. It refers to a huge group … Continued

Many of you reading this will think you know what you’re doing when it comes to feeding marine fish. However, from interactions with many customers in-store over the past 30 years (both beginners and more advanced Aquarists alike), I have seen a huge difference in people’s understanding of the ‘Correct Way to Feed Marine Fish’.  From … Continued

This is a hot topic of debate. Whether it’s on forums, Social Media groups or a question we often have asked in store. Aquarium Controllers/Monitoring Systems – are they worth it? It often seems that your Marine Aquarium is like a never-ending money pit. Especially after all that previous investment into the fundamentals: Lighting, Return … Continued

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