DD DIY Jumpguard Flexi Cut-Out Kit

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Quick Overview

The DIY Jumpguard Flexi Cut-out Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with the DD DIY Jumpguard Tank Covers to allow flexibiliy and aesthetic comfort. The Flexi Cut-out Kits allow freedom to make space for Weirs, Light fixtures and mounts, and Cooling fans monted to the Aquarium itself.


Product Description

The Jumpguard Flexi-cutout Set provides you with 2 standard corners and 2 reverse corners to allow you to modify the frame around any larger overflow boxes, light brackets, cables or pipework etc, that would not be covered by the Multi-Cutout Set.

Each kit contains

  • 1 pair of standard corners
  • 1 pair of reverse corners


Cutting into the standard square frame, especially on larger frames, will generally reduce the rigidity and we would recommend installing one of one or more cross braces, as required, to retain the structural integrity.

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