Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium & Cabinet (Black)

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Quick Overview

The Red Sea Max Nano Aquarium & Cabinet is the perfect entry-level Aquarium, designed for both newcomers to the hobby, and seasoned Aquarists alike. the Red Sea Max Nano features everything the Aquarist needs to get their Aquarium up-and-running, minus water, Live Rock and a Heater.

Product Description


  • Red Sea ReefLED 50 LED Lighting (With ReefSPEC Blue (23,000 Kelvin) and White (8,000 Kelvin) Colour Channels)
  • Pump-Operated Protein Skimmer
  • Float Valve-Operated RO Auto Top-Up Chamber (1.5 Litre capacity)
  • Built-in Filtration Chamber/Filter Sock Holder (225 Micron Filter Sock and Bubble Sponge Included)
  • Reef-SPEC Return Flow Pump (950 LPH/240 GPH Output)


  • Aquarium Dimensions: L45cm x W45cm x H45cm (Excl. LED Fixture)
  • Cabinet Dimensions: L45cm x W45cm x H87cm
  • Cabinet Finish: Black
  • Capacity: 75 Litres/ 16.5 Gallons