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Tropic Marin A- Elements 500ml

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Tropic Marin A- Elements contains a mixture of essential Trace Elements that are necessary for the enhancement of colouration and vitality within Corals in a Reef Aquarium.

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Essential anionic and cationic trace element supplements for marine aquariums.

In addition to calcium and carbonate hardness, coral growth also requires a series of essential trace elements, for example, in order to fulfil key requirements of the metabolism and skeleton structure of invertebrates. In seawater there are tiny quantities of these elements, which are consumed in a short time by coral growth and other processes. Regular supplementation of these trace elements is therefore unavoidable. Following extensive scientific analysis of water and coral skeleton samples, Tropic Marin® K+ ELEMENTS and A ELEMENTS were developed, with these containing cationic and anionic trace elements required for reef aquariums in optimally-dosed quantities.

Usage Instructions:

For a complete trace elements supply, we recommend the use of both trace element solutions: Add 1 ml trace elements of each solution per 100 l / 25 US-Gal. of aquarium system water volume daily. The trace elements solution must not get directly onto the animals. The demand of trace elements increases with increased aquarium population density. In heavily populated aquariums, dosage may be increased up to the maximum dosage below. Maximum dosage: Do not exceed a dosage of 2 ml per 100 l / 25 gallons of aquarium system water volume per day. Use the new dosing calculators for an easy determination of the required amount of dosage for your aquarium. Where calcium is added with Bio-Calcium the supplementation of trace elements should occur to the amount of the added calcium: 5 ml trace elements to 5 ml Bio-Calcium. The regular dosing of the trace elements can be automated with a hose pump (dosing pump).

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