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Triton Bio-Base 100ml

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Triton Bio-Base 100ml allows the Aquarist to accelerate the bioavailability of Trace Elements within their Aquarium. Trion Bio-Base 100ml also offers the ability to boost the beneficial metabolic effects within the Aquarium, and in turn prevent outbreaks of Cyanobacteria.

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Triton Bio-Base NN 100 ml

Organic supply system for reef aquariums with normal nutrient content•accelerates the bioavailability of trace elements
•Promotes beneficial metabolic processes in the reef
•Prevents cyanobacteria
•Helps in adjusting the Triton nutrient ratio

Dosage: Dose 1 ml per 4 x 50 ml Core 7. The dosage can be increased, but should not exceed a maximum of 5 ml per 4 x 50 ml Core 7.

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