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TMC Reef Flow 2.0 4000 Flow Pump

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The TMC Reef Flow 2.0 4000 is a 12 Volt, DC-Controllable Flow Pump designed to produce a variety of flow patterns in both Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums.

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Product Features:

  • High flow water circulation pump
  • Latest DC wavemaker technology
  • Simple manual control with three pre-set wave patterns
  • Innovative impeller replicates natural wave currents
  • Compact design for tanks with limited space
  • Specialist heat resistant materials with unique self-cooling system
  • Innovative impeller housing design creates constant flow of water over the impeller shaft to help prevent detritus and calcium build up.
  • Supplied with three interchangeable nozzles for three different water flow patterns
  • Low voltage for extra safety
  • Designed for reef and freshwater aquaria

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