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TMC AquaRay P5 Connect LED

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The TMC AquaRay P5 Connect LED is the smaller of 2 new models of Smart LED by TMC. The AquaRay provide full spectrum capabilities and Smart functionality through the interation with TMC’s new App, FAViA.

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Product Features:

  • Fully Optimised High PAR Reef LED
  • Built in Wi-Fi, for easy control and programming using FAViA, TMC’s ecosystem app
  • Specially designed ultra-clear glass optics provide excellent colour blending and consistent light
  • 3 Individually adjustable channels spectrally tuned for reef tanks: Reef Daylight, Coral Violet
    and Fiji Blue
  • Fully programmable including 10 pre-set lighting modes developed for optimal coral growth,
    coloration and fluorescence
  • Built in timing and dimming with a range of effects included
  • Minimalist design incorporating a whisper-quiet thermally controlled fan
  • TMC’s exclusive design for the no-nonsense reefkeeper

Product Specifications:

Max. power: 50 Watts
Voltage: 24V
Max amp.: 2.12A
PSU Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Total Lum. Flux (lm): 3000lm
Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm x 2.5cm

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