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Smarter Reefs Self Cleaning Protein Skimmer 150

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Welcome to the patent-pending automatic self-cleaning protein skimmer!  The novel rectangular design completely eliminates the skimmer cup and neck.  The skimmate/ gunk accumulation zone has a fully automated, digitally-controlled self-cleaning motor assembly.  The motor turns on once daily and the filter fleece captures the gunk and wipes the skimmer walls clean.  A large PVC drain at the top allows the liquid skimmate to be collected into a large (not included) reservoir.  If you are sick of skimmer maintenance, this is for you!

Designed for systems up to 200 gallons.  With the space-saving design, larger systems can have multiple adjacent units inside the sump.  Contact us for sizing or space considerations.

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Product Features:

Powerful and Quiet DC Pump:
Our controllable brushless DC pump is powerful and quiet. Includes 40W UL-certified power supply, venturi-connector and bubble diffusing chamber. Controller features include delayed-start (3 mins) and feed mode (15 mins).

Automatic Self-Cleaning:
The top assembly holds a roll of filter fleece, and the digitally controlled motor turns on and rotates once daily. The skimmate / scum accumulates on the filter fleece, and the filter fleece wipes the inner skimmer walls clean. Periodically, the dirty roll is discarded and replaced with a clean roll. Rolls last 3 months or more.

Ultra Low Maintenance:
Filter fleece will last 3 month or more, depending on how you set the motor controller. Available large reservoir holds over 1 gallon of liquid skimmate. You can easily go months without having to touch the skimmer. Never mess with a skimmer cup and neck again!

Product Specifications:

Pump: Controllable DC 45W 4000L/Hr Pump

Air Draw: 1500 L / Hr max

Ratings: 200 gallon heavy stocked reef

Footprint: 8.5″ x 4.5″

Materials: Cast-Acrylic

Self Cleaning Motor: 12V, 3 RPM DC Motor

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