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NYOS Torq Gen 2 0.75 Reactor Body

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The Nyos Torq Gen 2 is a brand new, updated version of the Gen 1 Torq , now with a host of new features. the Gen 2 Dock and Bodies are also compatible with Gen 1’s, allowing for flexibility in their usage.

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The BRAND NEW Nyos Torq Gen 2 has been updated from its predecessor, and now has a variety of enhanced features:

  • Modular – The Torq Dock and Bodies can be used in any combination
  • Two-In-One – Chamber separator in the Torq 1.0 and 2.0 Bodies for two different medias
  • Bayonet Fixture – Mini bayonet closures for secure lock on Lid of Torq Bodies
  • Micro Grid – Micro Grid in the Torq Body Lids to Replace the Top Sponge.
  • New Water Injection – For increased Lamina Flow
  • Suction Cups – Instead of Silicone Feet For a more stable hold

Nyos Torq Gen 2 0.75 Reactor Body Dimensions:

Volume                                  750ml (25 fl oz)
Usage of two filter media               No
Diameter                                  70mm (2.75 in)
Height incl. Dock                       47cm (18.5 in)

The Nyos Torq Gen 2 is also compatible with the Gen 1.

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