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Nyos® CALCIUM+ is a high purity calcium chloride.

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  • Nyos® CALCIUM+ is a high purity calcium chloride
    * High purity salt with no organic impurities
    * Quick and easy way to adjust the calcium value
    * Ideal for any 2 part dosing system
Technical Details Content: 4000g
With CALCIUM+ you can raise the calcium content in your saltwater aquarium quickly and simply.
How to Dose : Pre-mixed solution (recommend): Mix 1000g (2.2lb) of CALCIUM+ to 2000ml (0.53 gal) of RODI Water. This solution contains 135,000 mg/l Ca (135,000 ppm Ca). 7.4ml (0.95fl oz) of this solution will increase the calcium value in a 1000L (100 gal) aquarium by approximately 10mg/l (10ppm). This is a reference value; the actual dosage amount may vary.
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