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Kamoer X2SR Pro Water Change Pump

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The Kamoer X2SR PRO is the larger version of the popular Kamoer X2S automatic water change unit. This App controlled, Wi-Fi water change pump is designed to automate regular water changes on your aquarium as well as replenish water lost through evaporation with the inbuilt ATO function.

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Product Specifications:

  • KHL-B24 Pump heads.
  • Water change pump head flow rate up to 900ml/min.
  • Dimensions: 168mm (L) x 177mm (W) x 223mm (H)
  • Up to 24 water change plans per day.
  • Power supply input 100-240VAC
  • Power supply output 24VDC.
  • 9.5mm x 12.5mm PVC hose for water change heads.
  • 24V Auto top up pump.
  • Auto top up pump maximum flow rate 600 L/H.
  • Auto top up pump maximum head 3.5m.
  • 8mm x 11mm PVC hose for ATO.
  • Supports 2.4G Wi-Fi network.
  • App suitable for IOS9.1 and Android 4.4 or above.
  • Maximum glass thickness for magnetic sensor mounts 10mm.



  • High quality stepper motors.
  • Pharmed BPT long life tubing.
  • Secure compression hose joints.
  • Built in freshwater auto top up.
  • Two automatic water change modes.
  • Programmable water change plan frequency.
  • Manual water change function.
  • Adjustable flow rate for on both pump heads.
  • Calibration function for both pump heads.
  • Real time clock with battery back-up.
  • Supports IOS and Android.
  • Wi-Fi control using the Kamoer Remote app.
  • Firmware updates through the app.
  • Power and pump status LED’s.
  • Emergency overflow sensor.
  • Auto top up level sensor.
  • Warning sensors for water change reservoirs.
  • Magnetic sensor mounts.
  • Alarm function.

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