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Elos Osmo Controller Digital Auto Top-Up

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The Elos Osmo Controller Digital is an Automatic Top-Up and Water Level Management System designed and manufactured by Elos. The Osmo Controller Digital uses a Patent-Pending process whereby it utilises a  small microprocessor in conjunction with a sensor to control the pump and monitor the level of your Aquarium. In the event of a fault such as an empty reservoir, a damaged pump or kinked tube, the microprocessor will recognize this and a red alarm LED will indicate the problem while stopping pumping until the problem is fixed and the controller can be reset. The Osmo Controller Digital also has a manual top off button that can be used to use the system as a pump for occasional water changes and to fill a container with RO/DI water easily.

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The Elos Osmo Controller Digital contains no moving parts, and has an easy set up process.

The set up of the OsmoController Digital is very simple. It works with most sumps without the need for programming and the sensor design has a built in buffer for waves and small changes in the sump that will normally cause a top off system to unnecessarily top off, which will shorten the useable life of the top off pump.

PLEASE NOTE:  During the Installation of the product, the system will run a 5 minutes self-diagnostic test when it is first plugged in. The System will also require 3/8″ Tubing, which is not included.

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