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Ecotech Radion XR15 G5/G6 RMS Slide

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The Ecotech Radion XR15 RMS Slide is designed for use with the other RMS components to mount Radion XR15’s onto rimless Aquariums.

PLEASE NOTE: The XR15 G5 RMS Slides ARE Compatible with G4 XR15’s

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RMS is Better for Tank Mounting
* Standard and Rimless Tank Compatible. Fits the vast majority of commercially available standard and rimless tanks.

* Attractive and Minimalistic 
A low profile, sleek design keeps your attention on your tank not on your tank mount.
* Super Easy Setup 
No drilling, no cutting and no holes in your wall or stand – have your light mounted in minutes.

* Heavy Duty 
Sturdy metal and plastic construction will last the life of your tank.
* Integrated Cord Management 
Keep power cords secured out of sight on the mount
* Multiple Components for a Clean Look 
One size fits all only goes so far, different rail lengths are included to best fit your tank.
* Adjusts for Fine Tuning 
Need to move your Radion forward or backward a little – no problem.
* Mount Lights Parallel or Perpendicular 
Rotating X-brackets lets you orient your lights laterally or longitudinally.

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