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D-D Marco Reef Saver Coralline Rock 18kg Box

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D-D Marco Coralline Reef Saver Rock is the main ‘go-to’ rock that you will use for the construction of your custom reef. The Reef Saver rock 18Kg mixed box contains rocks that range from 10-30cm but most of the pieces will be 12-16cm size. The shapes will be random and highly textured due to the natural origin of the material removed from the on land remains of an ancient reef.

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D-D Marco Coralline Rock is a totally natural calcium carbonate rock that is now supplied in a coloured form, using a new proprietary paint-free process developed to simulate coralline covered live rock. The purple coralline colour allows your new reef structure to look natural and established immediately, whilst waiting for the surface to be colonized by real coralline algae.

Product Features:

  • Ancient reef rock, formed by nature.
  • Totally natural, not man-made from sand and mortar in regular shapes.
  • Paint-Free coralline algae colour, blends immediately into your tank.
  • Calcium carbonate – buffers your aquarium water.
  • Perfect porous structure for colonisation of beneficial bacteria.
  • Ecologically sustainable and free from pests and hitchhikers.
  • Each rock is unique in shape and size.
  • Can be bonded together to form complex reef shapes and overhangs.

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