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D-D Mag-Scraper LARGE

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A high quality magnetic glass cleaner for glass aquaria between 10-24mm glass thickness Extra Large and 16mm Large. A professional grade glass cleaner that does what it says on the tin.

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As most of you know, the Directors at D-D and many of the staff are keen reefkeepers. Personally, as someone who has been cleaning the glass on my own tank for years, using all brands of magnets, attachments and home made scrapers I have to say
that this is the BEST cleaning magnet that I have EVER used.

For a long time now we have been asking the MAG-Float guys to make this for us and they have finally got round to it and have
done a fantastic job. The stainless blade seems to remove a full 65mm width strip of algae from the glass with a single pass,
whereas other blades that I have used in the past seem to miss patches and start to deteriorate after a few uses.

The cost of this magnet system reflects the high levels of rare earth magnet material used however it is comparable with other
magnets cabable of use on such thick glass. It can be used for glass thicknesses between 10 and 19mm according to the packaging but will also work on 24ml glass too in our experience.

This is a must for use aquatic shops too as it halves the cleaning time and gets into places that a normal magnet will not reach.


The blades on this product are made from 316L Stainless Steel. 316L has good anti corrosion performance but if left in a high Chloride ion (Cl-) and Bromide ion (Br-) environment such as seawater then it will alsoeventually start to rust. It is recommended after using the scraper that it needs to be taken out from the seawater and cleaned for next time use.

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