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AquaVitro Phosfiltrum 50g Sachet

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Ultra High Capacity Granular Feric Iron-Oxide, desgined for the removal of Phosphates and Silicates in Aqaurium water.

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Phosfiltrum™ is a specially formulated, high-density, granular ferric oxide (GFO). It will rapidly remove phosphates and silicates from both freshwater and saltwater and will not release them back into your aquarium. It is much harder and consequently much less fragile than other GFOs, so it will not break apart into fine particles in your tank. It has the highest binding capacity of any phosphate remover on the market, so it will last much longer before it needs to be replaced. Its distinctive dark brown colour identifies it as the premier product in the industry.

  • Ultra-high capacity (GFO) phosphate and silicate removal
  • Highest binding capacity of any phosphate remover per gram
  • Harder and less fragile than other GFO’s

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