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Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller (UK Version)

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The Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller is the perfect solution for any Aquarist who wishes to advance in the testing and monitoring of their Aquarium’s Carbonate Hardness level, in order to ensure and promote the stability of the reef they are keeping.

pH Calibration Solutions Included!!!!

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Alkatronic is an all in one product for serious reefers to automatically monitor and stabilize alkalinity for your reef system. The product works straight out of the box without the need of any other equipment. This product was originally designed by Jonas Roman from Sweden and is commercialized together with FOCUSTRONIC.

Technical Spec:

  1. All-in-1 (Standalone) Alkalinity Controller
  2. Maintains and Control dKH below or above desired levels
  3. Measure Interval: 1-12 hours
  4. Connectivity: WiFi / Bluetooth
  5. Cloud Server Function
  6. iOS / Android App (Android devices require Bluetooth 4.2 or higher)
  7. High Precision Stepper Motors and DC Motors
  8. pH Based Titration Method
  9. dKH Measuring Range: 4.48 – 15.40 dKH
  10. Direct Control 3rd Party Calcium Dosing Systems (Ca. Reactor or Balling)
  11. Compatible with 3rd Party Aquarium Controller (ie: Apex, GHL) via BNC Connector
  12. Hardware Ready for upcoming DOSETRONIC (our new dosing station)
  13. Low Maintenance Required
  14. Size: 22x14x27 cm
  15. Power: 12V DC

PLEASE NOTE:  Alkalinity Reagent sold separately.

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