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AI Nero 5 Submersible Wave Pump

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The Nero 5 Submersible Wave Pump is latest in Aquarium Flow Pumps, designed and manufactured by Aqua Illumination. The Nero 5 offers the Aquarist unparalleled levels of flow for its size, whilst still remaining stylish and minimalistic in design. The Nero 5 can be set to a specific programme using the ‘MyAI’ App, offering the Aquarist the ability to customise the flow pattern of their Aquarium to suit the needs of the inhabitants within.

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•Dimensions = 2.1″ Length by 2.8″ Diameter
•Max glass thickness = 16mm/0.63 Inches
•Flow = up to 3000 Gal/Hr / 13,500 Ltr/Hr
•Input = 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A
•Power consumption = 30 W max


•Compact with a lot of flow; up to 3000 gallons/13,500 litres worth
•4 flow modes:
•Easy setup; just connect and go
•Schedule settings via myAI, creating a schedule that suits your tank`s needs.
•A ton of flow from a small in-tank footprint


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