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AI Blade Fuge 12″ LED

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The AI Blade Refugium is a macroalgae growing machine. Silent, sealed and easily mountable take your biological filtration to the next level with a refugium powered by AI.

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What’s Included:

AI Blade Refugium
Power Adapter
Blade Tank Rest Mounting Solution

Product Specifications:

Power Consumption: 20W at full power (model dependent)
Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Cable Length: 9.8ft. (3m)

Length: 12.1in. (30.7cm)
Width: 2.8in. (7cm)
Height: 0.7in. (1.6cm)

Blade Mounting Options:

Blade Hanging
The Blade Hanging Kit from AI is an elegant way to suspend your light above your tank. Made of high-quality brushed aluminum in an attractive black finish. Available in 3, 4, and 6 light configurations for all size Blade fixtures.

Kit includes: 2 bars, appropriate number of Blade mounting clips and V-wires. For use with the HMS hanging kit (sold separately).

Elevated Tank Mount
The Elevated Tank Mount makes for an attractive and sturdy solution for mounting your AI Blade™. Mounting for rimmed or rimless tanks, the elevated tank mount increases light spread and allows for easier access into the aquarium.

Hybrid Mount
The Hybrid Mount allows for Blade mounting using either the AquaIllumination Hydra or EcoTech Radion pendant fixtures. Each kit contains two mounting bars and clips to use with the HMS, RMS or equivalent multi-light hanging kits. Works with one or multiple Hydra or Radion fixtures (not for use with HMS or RMS multi-light tank mounted rails).

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