Hydra 52 and Bracket (black)
AI Hydra 26HD & D-D Slimline Bracket (60cm)

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AI Hydra 26HD and 60cm Slimline Bracket package deal.

Please contact us to specify your choice of colour on Lighting and Tank Mount.


Product Description

D-D Slimline Bracket:

The new D-D bracket has been designed by D-D The Aquarium solution and produced in the U.K to provide a stylish, strong and quality mounting option for Aqua illumination Hydra 52/HD,Hydra 26/HD and thin heatsink Vega and Hydra lights.

The brackets are made of thick gauge Alluminium that has been laser cut and powder coated.

Height adjustibility included.

To fit: Remove the grill from your Ai light by gently pulling it up from the centre Slide the light onto the bracket with the status light facing the mount ( be careful not to damage the crystal indicator of the HD line of lights when installing) When in place refit the grill onto the light Assemble the mounting clamps and tighten the black hex screws with the included hex key to attach the clamps to the bracket. Screw the long plastic black clamp bolt into the clamp and thread the included black plastic nut onto the thread of the bolt with the flaired edge facing the aquarium glass. Sit the mount on the aquarium and clamp the brackets in place , to adjust the light height loosen the black nex bolts on the back of the mounting clamps and raise or lower the mount to suit. The mount clamps are very secure so adjustment is best done with the light not on the clamp and the clamp away from the aquarium. Stick the included cable guides onto the mount, one to guide the cable as it leaves the light and the other on the back of the mount to guide the cable as it runs down the back of the mount.

AI Hydra 26HD:

BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT HYPER DRIVE technology coupled with special 80 degree colour blending lenses gives the ability to maximise the power output of the light regardless of your choice of spectrum for optimum PAR.

PERFECT COLOUR Development between AI and D-D have achieved the perfect colour spectrum for the reef aquarium, straight from the box, with strong emphasis on the crisp blue white hue that hobbyists in Europe demand WIRELESS BUILT IN AI-FI™ Connect & control your lights directly from any iOS or Android mobile device using the “My AI” app. No additional control interface is required to enable simple set-up & programming of one or multiple AI Hydra HDs or Primes.