Ai hydra 26 Ai hydra 52 tank mount
HMSSA Single Arm Kit

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HMSSA Single Arm Kit for Ai Hydra 26 & Ai Hydra 52 LEDs




Product Description

A sleek and complete mounting solution.
The Perfect Fit For Any Tank The Hydra Mounting System (HMS™) is designed to provide an easy to use, adjustable tank mount solution for the Hydra TwentySix, Hydra FiftyTwo and Hydra HD LEDs.
Tailor the HMS to your tank. Width, height, and even the angle of the light is able to be fine-tuned.
swivel your lights to exactly where you want them, then fasten them in place to best illuminate your livestock.
The HMS features a slim profile with integrated cord management to minimize visual clutter and complement the clean look of your Hydra fixtures.