Vertex RX-U 1.5 Fluidised Reactor
Vertex RX-U 1.5 Fluidised Reactor


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High Quality 1.5 Litre Fluidised Reactor, manufactured by Vertex.

Product Description

The RX-u Universal reactors from Vertex are an upgraded UF model built from high grade acrylic. with long-lasting capabilities and user-friendly features, coupled with the usual Vertex style and quality, the finished product results in that touch of class desired by any modern aquarium system. 
Designed for a large range of media (Carbon, Phosphate removers, Bio pellets and many more), it’s a must-have product in every way! There are 3 sizes available to cater for every aquarium size and its requiements.
Size & Model:
RX-u 1.5 ( Holds 1.5 litres of media)
RX-u 2.0 ( Holds 2.0 litres of media)
RX-u 2.5 ( Holds 2.5 litres of media)