ALR1 Algae Light Reactor
ALR1 Algae Light Reactor


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Introducing the ALR1 The Algae Light Reactor from ITC takes an old idea and brings it right up to date.

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Introducing the ALR1 The new Algae Light Reactor from ITC takes an old idea and brings it right up to date.

For many years Reef Keepers have used Cheato Algae as a method of exporting Phosphate, Nitrates and organic wastes. By bringing the Algae into a contained space and properly lighting it with Led from all sides, it allows optimal growth conditions and in turn optimal export of wastes. This big increase in efficiency really makes the most effective use of an algae bed we have seen. It quickly consumes Nitrate and Phosphate improving water quality and increasing oxygen.

During ITCS own testing they ran the ALR1 on a reverse light cycling turning the reactor on during the time the aquarium lights were off. This method helps to increase and stabilise an aquariums pH, raises the redox, and consumes exhaled CO2 from the corals. The Algae growth was steller and nutrients both PO4 & NO3 were effectively removed. The ALR1 is the ideal addition to all in one aquariums where there is a shortage of space for an Algae bed or simply to Turbo charge nutrient removal from your aquarium. When the reactor is full simply remove and dispose of the excess algae and all the nutrients it has consumed leaving enough to start the cycle over. 

Dimensions: 210 x 170 x 480mm
Inlet/outlet: 5/8 inch
Capacity: 4.5ltr
Flow Rate: 1000-1500 L/H