Triton Core 7 Elements 4 Litre Bulk
Triton Core 7 Base Elements (4 Litre Bulk Edition)

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Quick Overview

Triton Core 7 Base Elements is a newly re-formulated super-concentrate (7X) of the Base Element products used by the Triton Method. This concentrate combines the essential macro elements with a scientifically formulated suite of trace elements to replenish those consumed in the daily function of your reef system.


Product Description

Each set of Triton Core 7 Base Element 4 Litre will make 4L of each solution, whilst still being packed in the standard 4 x 1 litre tetra packs.
The aim of the bulk edition is to offer the following benefits to all:

Save approximately 30% compared to buying 4 individual sets
Environmental impact is yet again reduced substantially

In order to benefit from this saving, you will need to carry out a dilution and mix the elements in their own jerry cans.