Aragonite C 5000ml
Quantum Aragonite C 5000ml

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Quick Overview

Quantum Aragonite C is the third of three dosing supplements designed to enhance and encourage the growth of corals within the aquarium. Quantum Aragonite consists of Magnesium, Sulphate, and Trace, which are all beneficial to the growth of Hard Coral skeletons.


Product Description

Magnesium | Sulphate | Trace

Reef Essential® Aragonite C™ is designed to provide ionic & complexed magnesium as well as other key aragonite constituents such as sulphate and trace elements. When magnesium is low, KH fluctuations can occur more frequently which may cause stress to your aquarium. This product must be used alongside our Reef Essential® Aragonite A™ & Reef Essential® Aragonite B™ supplements as together they will provide the required major, minor and trace aragonite elements. If wanting to enhance coral tissue colour & growth, we recommend our Bioactive Colour Intensifiers™. Recommended magnesium concentration = 1230-1310ppm.


– Deionised water
– Magnesium, Sulphate & Trace


Shaking is not required, however, if product has been left standing for a length of time invert bottle 3-4 times before using.


Add product to high water flow. This product must be used in reef aquariums and can be used on a dosing pump.


Lightly stocked = 0.50mL/100L per day
Moderately stocked = 0.75mL/100L per day
Heavily stocked = 1.00mL/100L per day

Or as required to maintain magnesium between 1230-1310ppm
Note: 1mL/100L will raise magnesium by 1ppm, other elements will increase relatively.
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