KZ Coral System 4 Pack
Korallen Zucht Coral System 500ml 4 Pack

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Quick Overview

Korallen Zucht’s Coral System consists of vital elements and compounds for the enhancement of coloration,health and improved biology within the corals of your Marine or Reef Aquarium.Coral System is a separate product line to cultivate and breed corals successfully, and allows the aquarist to maintain and enhance coloration with good growth rates and beautiful polyp expansion. Korallen Zucht’s Coral System has been developed for aquarists who want to cover the necessary elemental additions within their Aquarium.


Product Description

Korallen Zucht Coral System contains 4 individual products, which are designed to be dosed as a complete unity. Exceptional results can be achieved utilizing the Coral System methodology. The System provides vital elements and compounds for coloration, health and improved biology of the corals within your Aquarium. It contains no calcium, carbonate, magnesium – these main elements have to be checked regularly and dosed separately when needed.


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