Hikari Marine A Pellet


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Quick Overview

Hikari Marine A Pellets are a slow-sinking, large profile pellet food for large-mouthed Marine fish. Hikari Marine A is designed to become soft when submerged to resemble a more likeable texture for your aquarium fish when feeding.


Product Description

Specifically developed daily diet for Large Marine Fish
Contains seaweed meal, pure-cultured Spirulina and essential fatty acids to meet the specific nutritional requirements of most reef inhabitants while helping support a healthy immune system Promotes beautiful colouring Rapidly becomes sponge like in water giving it a more natural texture which Marine Fish instinctively accept Highly digestible, low waste Pack size: 110g

Ideal for:
All types of marine fish larger than 10cm in length

Feed two to three times daily, no more than your fish will consume within two minutes. Hikari Marine-A is a powerful food, care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.