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Fritz Glass & Acrylic Cleaner 8oz

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Quick Overview

The Fritz Glass & Acrylic Cleaner is an ammonia-free product designed to aid in the cleaning and polishing of Aquarium Glass and/or Acrylic. The Fritz Glass & Acrylic Cleaner allows the aquarist to polishing the outer surface of their Aquarium to a suitable standard, whilst not jeopardising the health of the animals within it.


Product Description

Most household Acrylic and Glass Cleaners contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals that are toxic to fish, reptiles and invertebrates. Fritz Glass & Acrylic Cleaner is ammonia free and safe to use on exterior surfaces around an aquarium or terrarium. The unique streak-free and drip-free formulation helps repel dust, fingerprints and water spots. Also great for electronics, Glass & Acrylic LCD Screens, Silicone & Rubber. Fritz Glass & Acrylic Cleaner also reduces friction when using magnetic scrapers on aquariums.