Product Description


  • Almost half the size of the Nero 5 – A great fit for nano tanks!
  • Compact with a lot of flow; up to 2000 gallons worth
  • 5 flow modes:
    • Random – simulates high-energy reef environments by randomly changing flow rates throughout the day
    • Pulse – undulating high and low flow to mimic wave patterns with an adjustable pulse interval and max flow rate
    • Constant – a continuous stream at a chosen intensity
    • Schedule – customize the pump`s mode for different parts of the day using the MyAi app
    • Feed – easily pause the pump for 10 minutes by holding the driver button for 2-5 seconds
  • Easy setup; just connect and go
  • Create a schedule to fit your tank`s needs using the myAI app via Bluetooth LE; no internet required
  • Magnetic mounting system to easily position your pump
  • Broad flow pattern with the ability to direct the the flow in a range of 15 degrees on all sides
  • Includes a fish guard to protect any curious or slow-swimming fish from the pump propeller


  • Max glass thickness = .5″ or 13mm
  • Flow = up to 2000 GPH/6000 LPH
  • Input = 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1A
  • Power consumption = Variable, 20 W max