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AAC ‘Trapaclimate XL’ ‘Wrasse Tray’

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The AAC ‘Trapaclimate XL’ ‘Wrasse Tray’ is the latest design in holding sand for sand-dwelling wrasse species, designed and manufactured entirely in the UK by HM Reef and us here at AAC. The ‘Wrasse Tray’ enables the Aquarist to safely introduce difficult sand-dwelling wrasse species to their Aquarium, in an appropriate environment necessary to encourage and prolong their survival.


Product Description


AAC “Trapaclimate XL”
By HM REEF and designed in conjunction with AAC.

The ultimate ‘all in one’ solution for acclimating and trapping fish safely and humanely.

Features :
1/ Ultimate fish-trapping design including removable washable mirror for encouraging aggressive species to be easily removed, fast .
2/ Ultimate acclimating device enabling safe addition or trialing of fish into their new environment without the risk of injury.
3/ A larger overall design than most other models, giving a more humane, temporary space . (XXL version available for large species too like tangs and angels).
4/ Further accessories available including the ‘Wrasse Tray’, enabling you to safely acclimate delicate and fragile wrasse species (or goby shrimp pairs for example), thus reducing the risk of damage whilst acclimatising.
5/ Further accessories available, such as ‘Trapstrap’ straps for attaching the ‘Trapaclimate’ to the tank rim (whether rimless in design or not), and the ‘Trapmag’, a range of large magnets available for special order for extra thick glass.
6/ Pipette feeding hole (pipette included free of charge).
7/ Top-loading secure door when Trapaclimate is used as an acclimation box rather than a trap.
8/ Fast-closing door when Trapaclimate is being used as a fish trap.
9/ Excellent water flow throughout the trap due to ‘wave cut’ perforation .
10/ UK built and designed, with flame polished edges and quality finishing .
‘Trapaclimate’ is the ultimate solution you have been looking for, for those risky high value fish additions or nuisance fish species .

By HM REEF and designed in conjunction with AAC.


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