Maxspect Gyre XF250 Controller & PSU


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XF250 controller for use with up to two XF250 gyre pumps.
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The next generation of water moving technology.
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Product Description

New Advanced Controller:

Do you want to have two pumps work together without having to connect them to a 3rd party system controller? There is no more complicated programming needed. The advance controller allows you to connect up to 2 pumps to the same controller and synchronize them, anti-sync and add a time delay to one of the pumps!! This can all be done by the single controller without any programming knowledge.

Do you just want to install the pump and let the controller do its own thing? Then set the two pumps to Random mode. The controller will randomly select different flow patterns and run them throughout the day. Again, just a couple of buttons away and no advanced programming needed.

What if you are someone that does not have the time nor wants to create intricate flow patterns! The advanced controller includes two 24-hr preset cycles that are at your disposal and ready to make things easier. The Lunar Tidal Cycle, known as the LTC, will mimic ocean currents during high and low tides! Or you can also use the Oceanic Gyre Cycle also known as the OGC which creates a gentle alternating gyre (yes, it will automatically run your pumps in alternating gyre mode) within your aquarium.

Maxspect has taken the Gyre pump to a completely new level with the addition of the advanced features. We truly believe that this controller will be perfect for even the most demanding hobbyists!