Reefix Thermal Polymer Glue 100ml

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An AAC recommended product used in store for alll our coral propagation and display systems.

This thermal Polymer glue makes coral fragging and fixing a breeze.

Please see our multi deals available on this product for large applications.


Product Description

Not all thermal polymer glues are the same.
A special effort was made to source the correct useable temperature, setting time and medical grade formula, enabling adjustment of the corals within the product for a short period of time before it cools and sets hard.
It has a faster setting time than epoxy putty, resulting in less stress on the corals. It does however require an algae free surface to attach too for best results. Crustose and Coraline algaes soon adopt the smooth finished surface, nuisance algaes are therefore easily removed too. Frag plugs in combination with the polymer glue, makes dipping and brushing for pests more manageable if needed. A coral growers dream product tested at AAC before sale.