Product Description

Stony Coral Cutters – 6 Inch * Cutter Length 16cm Premium quality Stony Coral Cutters. The cutters are made from surgical stainless steel to inhibit rust. Features a ‘grippy’ handle for better control when the cutters are wet. You wont find a better designed implement for cutting SPS corals. Have a look at our FAQ below  to see the best way to look after and maintain your tools. * Saltwater is extremely corrosive and will eventually rust any metal, so looking after the tools are important. It is good practice to rinse all your tools in fresh water and thoroughly dry them afterwards. * Store the tools in a dry place. * All our tools are high quality stainless steel or aluminium. If you look after them, they will give you many years of service. * You will find that scalpel blades have a limited life when around saltwater but should be good for 1 or 2 ‘fragging sessions’