KH Guardian Alkalinity Monitor
KH Guardian Alkalinity Monitor

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Quick Overview

KH Guardian Electronic Monitor, for the testing and Monitoring of Alkalinity/Carbonate Hardness within a Reef Aquarium.


Product Description

The KH Alkalinity Monitor is an all-in-one device that automatically monitors carbonate hardness values of a reef tank throughout the day. Such an instrument is often considered “the holy grail” and can dramatically simplify and improve the way we manage KH parameters of our aquatic investment.

KH Alkalinity Monitor Features:

    • Monitors Alkalinity
    • Automatic tests carbonate hardness levels directly from aquarium
    • Continuous monitoring and data logging  (pre installed memory card for long term data logging)
    • Easy to read LED display
    • Compact, easy installation and simple operation
    • Bio-Safe reagent can be dosed back into the aquarium
    • Uses only one reagent for each test. The used reagent can be added directly to the aquarium without any safety concern. (Each test only takes around 3 – 4 mls of reagent)
    • Supports remote terminal function to monitor and control the instrument via any web browser on the same local network. No need to install any software or APP. Simply use web browser for operation.
    • AIM – Alkalinity Interface Module available separately to allow connection to aquarium computer such as Apex.
    • ​Built in graphical display from interface

KH Alkalinity Monitor Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 25cm (H) x 20cm (w) x 12cm (D)
  • Precision is +/- 0.1 dKH.
  • Measurement range: 5 -12 dKH.
  • Automatic measuring interval can be set from 30 to 240 minutes.
  • Each measurement takes about 3 to 7 minutes

  • KH Alkalinity Monitor Reagent:
  • The KH Guardian reagent is a special concentrated formulation to ensure the accuracy of the testing and safety of the reagent that goes back into your aquarium. Dr. Bridge carefully selected pharmaceutical grade reagent for purity and stability.
  • Each pack of concentrated KH reagent  requires dilution with 1500 grams (+/- 1 gram) (please note that it is not ml) of pure water.
  • The KHG reagent usage depends on testing frequency and the alkalinity of the water being tested. Typically, with an alkalinity of 7.5kH, the KHG will use approx. 2.2mls of reagent per measurement.  With an alkalinity of 13kH, the KHG will use approx. 3.8mls of reagent per test.
  • No preservatives are added to the concentrated KH reagent pack in order to protect the safety of living creatures in your reef aquarium.
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