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NYOS Torq 0.75 Reactor Body

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The Nyos Torq 0.75 Reactor Body is designed to be used in conjunction with the Torq Reactor Dock to allow a modular and interchangeable use of fluidised reactor media within a Marine Aquarium. The Nyos Torq 0.75 Reactor Body allows storage of up to 750ml of media per use.

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The Problem:
Filter media, are an essential part of maintaining good water quality in an aquarium. They help remove excess pollutants
and raise water quality. Often media are simply placed in filter bags, this leads to channelling where all the media does not come into contact with the water. Leaving its full capacity unused.

The Solution:
Nyos has developed the innovative TORQ system reactor as a simple and elegant solution to the problem of aquarium
filtration. The TORQ produces an even water flow throughout the chamber giving ideal conditions for any choice of filter

• Modular: TORQ Dock and bodies can be used in any combination
• Frustration-free: Media are changed in seconds
• Controllable: Flow rate steplessly and precisely adjustable
• Two-in-one: Chamber separator in TORQ body 1.0 and 2.0 for two different media
• Plug-and-play: Ready to use

Nyos Torq 0.75 Reactor Body Dimensions:

Volume                                  750ml (25 fl oz)
Usage of two filter media               No
Diameter                                  70mm (2.75 in)
Filter foams included                    Yes
Height incl. Dock                       47cm (18.5 in)

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