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Neptune Apex A3 Starter Kit Bundle 2 (A3, Trident, MPR, DOS QD, DDR)

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The Neptune Apex A3 Starter Kit, Trident, MPR, DOS & DDR Bundle Pack offers the hobbyist the ultimate, fundamental ingredients to get their Neptune System successfully up and running on their Aquarium, with full Dosing and Monitoring of supplements alongside.

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Neptune Apex A3:

The A3 Apex System offers the control but scaled back monitoring with room to grow for the everyday aquarist.

What’s Included:

3 Apex base unit

3 FMM Ports

6 Switch Digital Input

2 Aquabus Ports

1 pH/ORP* probe port

1 Temperature probe port

Both WiFi & Ethernet compatible

New built-in audible alarm


Product Features:


Control up to 13 individual power connections with the Energy Bar 832

ONLY power bar on the market to be ETL/UL certified specifically for aquarium use

6x  outlets

3x 1LINK outputs for WAV, DOS, etc.

2x DC24V outputs for accessories (small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.)

3x AquaBus Ports

Track temperature and pH with included lab-grade, double-junction probes

Monitor water level with new MOS Magnetic Optical Sensor

Stay on top of leaks with LD-2 Leak Detection Floor Sensor

Set reminders, log testing and dosing information, and access your tank from anywhere with Apex Fusion


*ORP probe sold separately

Neptune DOS QD:

The Neptune DOS Quiet Drive is the new and improved version of Neptune Systems’ versatile Dosing Pump. The Neptune Dos QD brings the benefits of Ecotech QD to the Neptune Platform. Whisper soft performance and dosing made easy. With Industrial-strength stepper motors, this product can handle all the heavy lifting, from auto water changes to liquid feeding and Trident Dosing.

Neptune DDR:

This attractive fluid containment system stores your dosing fluids in style and tells you when it’s time to refill! Each side stores two liters (2L) of fluid Connects directly to your DŌS Optical sensors inform your APEX when levels are low Strong, cast-acrylic construction Low-profile – won’t easily tip over Easy to refill Push-fit tubing connections Use for 2-part (Alk/Cal), additives and other applications.

Neptune Trident:

The Neptune Trident is an automated testing system that regularly tests alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium in your saltwater aquarium. The Neptune Trident then communicates this information to your Neptune Apex so you can get alerts, and change your dosing. When combined with the Neptune DOS (available separately) it creates a fully automated system for the proper dosing of supplements, maintaining them at consistent levels.

  • Specifications:
  • Alkalinity Precision – +/-.05 dKh
  • Calcium Precision – +/-15 ppm
  • Magnesium Precision – +/-15 ppm
  • Testing Time – Around 7 minutes per test
  • Sample Water Required – Around 8mL per test
  • Max Head – Must be less than 4′ from the water sample
  • What’s Included?
  • 1x Trident System
  • 1x 1Link Cable
  • 5′ Black Sample Tubing
  • 5′ Clear Waste Tubing
  • 1x 2-Month Reagent Supply*

*The included reagent is the actual 2-month reagent kit, however with initial setup of the Trident, a small amount of reagent will be used, which will result in about 45 days of reagent remaining (which can vary depending on how many times a day you test).


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