• Red Sea Seawater Refractometer

    £35.98 inc. VAT

    Seawater Refractometer Calibrated for accurate sea-water salinity measurement
    Calibrated for Seawater (NSW).
    Measuring the salinity of seawater with a standard refractometer calibrated for brine (NaCl) solution will result in a deviation of up to 1.5 ppt. o Calibrated at 25oC, the normal temperature range for reef aquariums.

  • Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 22kg

    £69.99 inc. VAT

    22 kg. (48.5 lb.) Bucket / Water volume: 660 liters (175 gal.)
    Coral Pro Salt Red Sea’s Coral Pro Salt contains biologically balanced, elevated levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium, Carbonates) necessary for sustainable, accelerated coral growth. Coral Pro Salt is ideal for reef aquariums, in particular for LPS and SPS corals, and for growing coral frags.

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