• TLF ‘Veggie Mag’ Magnetic Seaweed Clip

    £24.98 inc. VAT

    The Veggie Mag Magnetic Seaweed Clip by Two Little Fishies is an ideal accessory to have if you are trying to feed a tank full of Tangs, Angels and other similar species who require regular feeds of Seaweed in your Aquarium. The Veggie Mag reduces the chances of your Clip being pulled off by your fish, a common problem with regular, sucker-mounted Seaweed Clips.

  • Goniopower


    Goniopower is a new blend of dried zooplankton developed by Justin Credabel as a food for Goniopora, Alveopora, and other suspension feeding marine invertebrates such as soft and stony corals, seafans, anemones, zoanthids, clams, scallops, and featherduster worms. Rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and lipids. NET WT. 30g (1 oz)

  • NutriGorg 30g

    £14.99 inc. VAT

    NutriGorg is a concentrated blend of several varieties of zooplankton designed to be the ideal food for raising and maintain all sea fans and gorgonians, whether photosynthetic or non-photosynthetic. Also an excellent food for all filter feeding invertebrates, such as soft & stony corals, anemones, feather duster worms, clams and tunicates.

  • Chalice Power 30g

    £14.99 inc. VAT

    Two little fishes chalice power is suitable for the maintenance of all chalice corals and is negatively buoyant.
    The product is mixed with a little water and pipetted onto the corals such as Echinopora, leptoseris, Oxypora,Echinophyllia, Mycedium,Pectinia but also useful for a great many more slow to feed coral species and those that require a finer particle.

  • AcroPower 250ml


    AcroPower Amino Acid Formula for SPS Corals

  • AcroPower 500ml


    AcroPower Amino Acid Formula for SPS Corals

  • AcroPower 1000ml


    AcroPower Amino Acid Formula for SPS Corals

  • Julian’s Thing®

    £24.98 inc. VAT

    Julian’s Thing is a really useful feeding device especially, but useful for many other things too!

  • SeaVeggies® Green Seaweed 30g

    £8.99 inc. VAT

    Julian Sprung’s SeaVeggies® Green Seaweed (Porphyra yezoensis)

  • Hikari Marine A Pellet


    Hikari Marine A Pellets are a slow-sinking, large profile pellet food for large-mouthed Marine fish. Hikari Marine A is designed to become soft when submerged to resemble a more likeable texture for your aquarium fish when feeding.