• Polyp Lab Reef Primer

    £32.99 inc. VAT

    Reef Primer is a premium dip for your corals and frags. Use in your acclimation routine, Reef Primer put all odds on your side to solve the problems caused by: Zoanthid Eating Nudibranchs, Montipora Eating Nudibranchs, Acropora Eating Flatworms, Bristleworms, Zoanthid Eating Spiders Red Flatworms, Filamentous Hair Algae, Rapid Tissue Necrosis, Slow Tissue Necrosis, Bacterial Infections Etc.

  • Two Little Fishes ReVive Coral Dip 500ml


    Two Little Fishies ReVive Coral CleanerTM is a new product developed by Julian Sprung for cleansing live stony corals. Its formula is based on plant extracts, not iodine. Use for all general purpose live coral dipping, as a part of acclimation to aquariums when corals are first received, for rinsing prior to shipping, and for rinsing newly fragmented corals, such as at coral farming facilities.

  • Aiptasia X 60ml


    Red Sea Aiptasia-X Guaranteed, Reef-Safe elimination of Aiptasia

  • Aiptasia X 500ml

    £37.98 inc. VAT

    Red Sea Aiptasia-X Guaranteed, Reef-Safe elimination of Aiptasia.

  • KZ Flatworm Stop 250ml

    £28.49 inc. VAT

    AEFW ( acropora eating flat worms ) can cause terrible damage to the high end acropora dominated reef aquarium. This treatment aids the control. Worth combining with KZ coral booster.

  • KZ Coral Booster 250ml

    £35.99 inc. VAT

    Korallen Zucht’s recommended product when using Flatworm Stop, promoting immune response and contains useful back ground trace elements.