• Reef Factory Level Keeper Auto Top Up

    £138.00 inc. VAT

    The Reef Factory Level Keeper Auto Top Up helps to maintain a consistent water level within your Aquarium.

  • Reef Factory Level Sensor

    £64.90 inc. VAT

    The Reef Factory Level Sensor monitors the level of liquids used within and around the Aquarium.

  • D-D H2Ocean Compact Auto Top-Up

    £68.98 inc. VAT

    The D-D H2Ocean Compact ATO Auto Top-Up is an ultra-compact, smart auto top-up unit designed by D-D The Aquarium Solution. The unit is simple to mount, easy to use and has twin optical sensors for added security.

  • Red Sea Reefer/Max-S Series Replacement Float Valve

    £13.98 inc. VAT

    The Red Sea Reefer/MAX-S Series Replacement Float Valve is for the sumps of Reefers or Max-S Series.

  • Elos Osmo Controller Digital Auto Top-Up

    £149.98 inc. VAT

    The Elos Osmo Controller Digital is an Automatic Top-Up and Water Level Management System designed and manufactured by Elos. The Osmo Controller Digital uses a Patent-Pending process whereby it utilises a  small microprocessor in conjunction with a sensor to control the pump and monitor the level of your Aquarium. In the event of a fault such as an empty reservoir, a damaged pump or kinked tube, the microprocessor will recognize this and a red alarm LED will indicate the problem while stopping pumping until the problem is fixed and the controller can be reset. The Osmo Controller Digital also has a manual top off button that can be used to use the system as a pump for occasional water changes and to fill a container with RO/DI water easily.

  • Auto Aqua Smart AWC Touch ATO & Water Change Kit

    £229.98 inc. VAT

    The Auto Aqua Smart AWC Touch is a combined Auto Top Up and Water Change system, that offers the aquarist the ability to both take water out of their aquarium, and then replace it thereafter, without the need for manual syphons or lifting of heavy containers, buckets and drums.

  • Tunze Osmolator® (3155.000)

    £152.81 inc. VAT

    The original ATO by Tunze GmbH

  • Tunze Nano Osmolator 3152

    £71.99 inc. VAT

    Water level controller with only one sensor for nano aquariums or small aquariums with up to 200 liters (55 USgal.), placeable into cabinet filter systems or on the edge of the aquarium. Scope of delivery: ready for installation with 11V power supply, low-voltage metering pump, 3m (118 inch) hose, magnet holder for up to 10mm (0.39 inch) glass thickness and a protective cover for the sensor.

  • Smart ATO Micro Auto Top-Up

    £99.99 inc. VAT

    The Smart ATO Micro is a unique Auto Top Off system that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. Best of all it is very easy to install and contains no moving parts that can fail. This ATO comes integrated with QST (Quick SecurityTechnology) which provides real-time fail safe protection against failure.

  • AFM Marine Oceanlife Overflow Set

    £139.99 inc. VAT

    Oceanlife Overflow System for the transfer of water from Aquarium to Sump and vice versa, designed by AFM Marine.