• Aqua Medic Fish Trap

    £37.98 inc. VAT

    The Aqua Medic Fish Trap allows the Aquarist to safely and securely capture, remove and/or introduce new fish to his or her Aquarium. The Aqua Medic Fish Trap features a feeding tube, as well as a glass trap door and bottom plate to ensure that the removal/introduction process is as smooth and stress-free for the fish as possible.

  • Aqua Medic Trap-Pest

    £21.98 inc. VAT

    The Aqua Medic Trap-Pest is designed to allow the Aquarist to safely remove undesirable Marine invertebrates, such as Bristle Worms, Crabs and Snails, from their Aquarium. The Aqua Medic Trap-Pest incorporates in its design an automatic, one-way curtain door that allows crabs and snails in but not out, as well as two funnels at the back end of the trap for Bristle Worms to enter through.